300 miles - 5 states - 1 day



Plans are being made.  T-Shirt Designs are being drawn up.  Flyers are in.  Website is being touched up.  It must be getting closer to the 14th Annual 5 State Run.  We are just a few short weeks from the New Year which means it is that time again.  Make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.  We have a lot of wind turbine construction going on in the area and the local hotels have plenty of visitors.  The sooner you do, the better off you will be.  Hope to see you all in a few short months.

Check back for more news.


Q What time is the last hand read?

A 5:30 PM.  NO EXCEPTIONS! This has been on our flyers for the last 14 years and there is even a big banner in the foyer of the Activity Center as a reminder. There is more than enough time to complete the Run.

Q When is the run held?

A The 5-State Run is always held the second Saturday in May - rain or shine or wind.

Q Is the run for Harleys only?

A No, the 5-State Run is open to all types of bikes and bikers.

Q How much does it cost?

A The price will be set by January 1. Please check back for the pre-registration deadline and cost. At this time we only accept checks, money orders or cashiers checks. The cost includes a BBQ dinner, poker hand, patch and rocker and maybe some other goodies. 

Q Do I have to pre-register or can I register the day of the run?

A. You do not have to pre-register. Registration is available on Friday night at the Guymon Outback activities or the day of the run at a slightly higher price and may not include all the freebies that go with pre-registration. 

Q Can I get a refund if I pre-register and can't attend?

A. No refunds are given. The Iron Thunder Motorcycle Club is a non-profit organization and all proceeds are donated to community individuals with medical or financial needs. 

Q Are there any other events going on?

A Yes, on Friday evening, Guymon Outback is hosted by Main Street Guymon. Several blocks in downtown Guymon are blocked off and bikers are invited to park their bikes and enjoy burgers, beers and bands for a nominal fee. 

Q Will there be vendors?

A Yes, vendors will be on site. If you are a vendor and interested in attending, please email us here for details.

Q Is the run map on the website?

A Yes.  It is located on this page and it is also on the Registration page as well.

Q Can I purchase a t-shirt or patch/rocker from previous years?

A Yes, subject to availability. Please contact us email us here for item price and availability.

Q Is camping available?

A Yes, dry camping with porta-potties only is available at the Texas County Fair Grounds. Camping accommodations are listed in the Lodging section of this website.

Q What are the road conditions of the route?

A The 300-mile route is on county or state roads, all paved and fairly flat. In parts of New Mexico and Oklahoma bikes will travel through free range grazing and over a few cattle guards. There are some sharp turns, which are marked, and wildlife will be on the roads. The 3-State Marker is approximately 1/2 mile from the Colorado punch at Black Mesa and is a dirt road for the last 1/4 mile. Highway 95 going south out of Elkhart is rough.  We know that it is rough as we have to drive on it for work and personal trips as well.  Just be careful.

Q What happens if my bike breaks down?

A We are proud to be one of the few events that provide sweep vehicles along the route. Riders will be given a telephone number for the sweep vehicles. This is a free service and the Iron Thunder Motorcycle Club is not responsible for any damage to the bike during the transportation to the bike and rider.

Q 300 miles is a long way to ride, will there be plenty of gas stops along the way?

A Yes, the route runs through a town almost every 30-40 miles. There is one stretch of 98 miles without a gas station and the map points out the convenient gas stops.

Q What weather can we expect?

A If you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it will change. We have been blessed with good dry weather in recent years. However, we can start with chilly mornings so bring the leathers. Spotty rain showers will also happen so pack the rain gear too. It can get pretty hot during the afternoon so bring sunscreen and extra water. Unfortunately, we can't do anything about the wind if it decides to blow. 


It is up to you to be informed of the helmet laws of the states you will be traveling through on the Run.  Please visit the AMA website to verify the applicable laws. 


 This year, we are pleased to offer a map of the Run before the day of as we have always done in the past.  Feel free to print off a copy of it to program your GPS or to have in your hand.